Why Having Faith in Your Diet Plan Means Success

Why Having Faith in Your Diet Plan Means Success

I thought that I would take a moment to touch base on a major reason why so many fail at health and nutrition plans. It always comes down to the same thing, and in this article you will learn why having faith in your diet plan means success in the long run.

Every day people decide to make changes in their lifestyle. Many of them take time to research problems. They take a moment to read the basics. What is a calorie? How many of these calories do I need to lose a pound of bodyfat, and how to formulate a plan to take action and accomplish these goals.

Unfortunately, as quickly as many people start their programs they fall prey to a very important factor that plays into ultimate success or failure. They fall prey, simply to a lack of faith.

Faith should not be blind and needs to be based on the facts

The diet and nutrition industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars every year. Each year, countless millions of people spend hard earned money and effort using products designed to burn extra calories, tighten, tone, and help them get into the same shape that a sound diet and good gym schedule can deliver for much less money.

The lack of faith and belief in the basic tenants of the science behind the industry leads them far from where they should be, which is always taking the time to learn the basics about the how/why/and when of how they can lose fat and get fit.

These individuals are preyed upon by self proclaimed “gurus” make a mint off of the masses, while they write books with hundreds of pages of filler material and only a scant few pages on how to actually restrict calories and lose weight.

As Lyle McDonald puts it in his “Introduction to Dieting”

A more frequently occuring idea revolves around carbohydrates. Diets such as SugarBusters and others paint refined sugar as the enemy, while more extreme diets such as The Atkins Diet, Protein Power and the South Beach Diet paint all carbohydrates (vegetables excluded) as the enemy. Since carbohydrates typically make up a rather large (50% or more) of total daily energy intake, restricting or removing them has the potential to cause rather large scale caloric reduction.

The truth is that anything that causes you to move more and eat less are plans for success in the battle of fat vs fit, but so many miss the mark, and lack the basics it will take to see any progress at all.


It’s important to have some basic beliefs when it comes to fat loss.

In particular:

  1. If you can make an educated guess at what your daily energy requirements are. How many calories does your body use in a day to support you as a human being?
  2. If you find the above number, and then eat less than this to create a loss of calories. On the flip side, you can simply do a TON of exercise and eat the same bad foods that caused you to gain weight (which I think is a lousy idea)
  3. Either way you go about it, you will find a calorie number from step 1, then eat less or move more (or better yet, do BOTH), and you will lose weight over time.

If you can hold the basics in the back of your mind, and give things enough time, you will eventually find yourself set up for success in an area where most people are constantly struggling.

Faith + A plan + Massive action = REAL RESULTS

Along with faith comes the need for a plan, as mentioned above. The last piece of the puzzle comes to taking action.

As I have noticed and I am sure many others have as well, there are plenty of message board forum threads, tweets, and various facebook groups made by folks brand new to weight loss and body recomposition.

Many that come asking for help are given the basics and then reject them. They are told “eat less, move more, read this article and do this research,” only to decide that what they are reading is not exactly what they thought it was, but that the tv infomercial said they could do would take only fifteen minutes per day, which will get them exactly the dream body they want.

Taking a glance at an article, failing to take action and follow though is not taking action, it is throwing out random questions to the universe. Always follow through, or else watch all the effort you made go through the cracks, down the drain and to waste.


The final realization to make is that no one person is an island. If you feel you can venture out and do it alone, then best of luck. The rest of us find that it really does help to ask for help.

Grab the basics, and then join into a discussion. Ask questions with good intentions and a little bit of research, and be prepared to possibly not get the answer you wanted, but hopefully a good answer nonetheless.

I am created this website to help people learn, but there are countless others out there that are doing the same. Just be sure to find someone who has proven results, and put some faith in what they have to tell you. If you smell a rat, run in the other direction, and never just blindly give money to someone who claims more than what seems reasonable in a given time frame.

Just some food for though, and perhaps this makes people think, makes them angry, or makes them laugh. To me however, a person who used to start and stop every few months, who has finally been on track after finding faith in the science behind fat loss can tell you, anything is possible with the correct amounts of research, believe and hard work applied to it.

As always, thank you for reading.

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