PureRawz Customer Service Experience Review and Unboxing

PureRawz is another research chemical company looking to provide you with various substances, from SARMS to HGH supplements and various nootropics. This post will look at their customer service and unbox a shipment sent to me.


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The main reason I'm writing this post is because I was impressed with the support that purerawz gave me. However I can NO LONGER recommend PureRawz as of spring 2018.

PureRawz has grown very quickly, and although their products are very cheap in terms of price, PureRawz cannot process orders and there are many many customers that never get charged. Because the payments are not processed, the customers are not charged and the products do not ship!

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PureRawz Customer Service

I reached out to PureRawz when I was thinking of putting in an order and wondered how long something would take to get to me. At that point I asked about their liquid modafinil having never heard of anything of the sort.

I did hold back on ordering the liquid modafinil but put in my original order, and my experience with them (which started out rocky) surprised me enough to lead me to writing this for you.

PureRawz Ordering and Shipping

At the time of placing my order purerawz credit card processing was down. With research chemical companies this is a common occurrence. Banks don't like to deal in not for human consumption type products, go figure.

Fortunately, they accept multiple types of payment that aren't cryptocurrency.

I chose to use Google Wallet, because not everybody wants to buy Bitcoin for everything these days.

One big issue I encountered early on was that the address to send a payment to through Google Wallet on the order page is incorrect.

For whatever reason this isn't made clearly evident unless you go back to the main page on their website where they give you the correct address.

I am sure this will be corrected, but it caused me to nearly abandon my first purchase with them.

Shipping Speed and Experience

I was impressed but broken hearted at the same time in regards to shipping.

Upon placing my order, I emailed customer service to tell them that I had placed it and the very next day I received an email telling me my item had shipped.

The shipping options were the common yet absurdly priced expedited ($25.00!), a $4.99 USPS 1-4 day, and a free USPS 1-4 day option.

My order should not have qualified for free shipping, but it was offered to me. I selected the $4.99 option to ensure shipping would go through without any hitches.

Shipping Problems, Confusion

Although my items shipped super fast, and got from the Eastern USA to West Coast USA in only two days, I was informed by USPS that my items were undeliverable, and after spending over an hour on hold with the post office, I found out that my apartment number was not on the package.

Emailing Purerawz.com, they explained that I somehow made this error, although I still swear the error was on their end. They were fast to reply though and the item was redelivered by USPS without any issues.

PureRawz Customer Service Surprises me

I was surprised to find a bottle of Liquid Modafinil included with the order that was lost briefly in the mail.

I did not order it, and it was not included because of the shipping error (it was in the shipment that had the shipping problem).

Instead, between emailing customer service and placing my order, they realized I was the person asking about the liquid modafinil and included it free of charge.

I never asked for it to be included, only about its purity because I never heard of a liquid version of modafinil.

This left a very good impression on me, because the opposite is often true with a company taking your money and avoiding you after the payment if you have problems.

PureRawz Product Quality

I will post a review of PureRawz MK 677 and modafinil and will be sure to include it on the blog, however having researched modafinil in pill form, I was pleasantly surprised with the liquid version.

I will say that they have also given me certification of authenticity upon request and that overall their customer service has been great.

I recommend when you order you take screenshots and then email their customer service with your address, because I'm still convinced that their order system "ate" my apartment number when I placed the order.

Overall though, purerawz.com has been a great experience for me, and I would recommend you check them out too.


At this point in time I have no affiliation with purerawz. The above review and video was done because they have treated me well as a paying customer. If you check them out, they're official site is http://www.purerawz.com

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