Intermittent Fasting Results Before and After

Intermittent Fasting Results Before and After

So you decided to start a diet or fitness regime focused around intermittent fasting (IF for short). Either that, or you are considering starting the practice of IF and want to know what sort of intermittent fasting results before and after you can expect. This is a great question, and although everyone is slightly different, most people will experience similar results with intermittent fasting, as long as their diet and mindset are in check and they give their diet some time to work as intended.

Intermittent Fasting Results Before and After For Fat Loss

The big question most people will ask is why sort in intermittent fasting results for fat loss they can expect. Because most people are dieting with the overall intention of fat loss, losing weights that and getting overall healthier, this is the first big question on their minds.

I want to state however that IF is not a magic wand that you wave that allows unlimited fat loss. This would be misleading of me, however if you stick to it you will find your intermittent fasting results before and after are worth the efforts, and you will see great benefits.

On the contrary, the fat loss you experience will come down to a number of factors that you will decide for yourself, factors such as:

  • Food choices, and what you eat during the diet.
  • Calorie deficit and how much you cut down on your food intake.
  • Exercise (if any) and how much activity you perform while living an intermittent fasting lifestyle.
  • How long you stick to a combination of the above three points.

Obviously, you need to eat less and move more to lose weight. This doesn’t mean you will not have an edge with intermittent fasting.

You will lose as much as 2 lbs of fat a week on an intermittent fasting diet, granted you set your diet up correctly and are creating the loss of calories needed to lose 2 lbs a week.

This specific fat loss number depends on a number of different things. People who have more fat to lose will lost more per week. People who spend more time in the gym or doing exercise or physical jobs will lose more fat, and those that eat less can lose more fat too.

What will certainly happen during the diet is that you will feel fuller, will not have annoying hunger pangs, and will have more energy than during a typical fat loss diet.

You’ll also be aided by the positive hormonal changes that occur while using intermittent fasting, which will help you to achieve your fat loss goals quicker.

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Summary – You can lose as much fat as you want on an intermittent fasting diet, but will have an easier time doing so due to the positive way your body will react to fasting itself.

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Intermittent Fasting Results Before and After for Energy and Lifestyle

Another reason people start a fitness program and might consider intermittent fasting is for increased energy and an improved quality of life. Simply put, the changes in insulin levels, hunger levels and overall bodyfat loss will result in your having increased energy, vitality and a better overall quality of life.

Consider body fat. Although it is not very dense, it still has weight. I lived most of my adult life with a stomach that would bounce up and down when I tried to run or play a sport that involved running. I would become winded when taking a brisk walk or trying to keep up with friends or family during a hike.

Carrying excess body fat is a tremendous strain on your entire body. You are forced to work harder at everything you do and this stress is what leads to a decrease in your quality of life, and even premature early death if you are one of the unlucky few that develop an illness or disease from your high body fat levels.

Intermittent Fasting is a Great Tool for Improving Your Fitness Levels

To summarize, intermittent fasting is an overall great tool to help improve your fitness levels. Your results for intermittent fasting before and after will vary and depend on your diet setup, but even if you were to simply fast without tracking calories you will see an overall improvement in your self of well being and may even lose fat due to the fasting period kicking up the fat burning mechanisms used by your body in a fasted state.

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