How Old to Use SARMS?

How Old to Use SARMS?

How old should you be to use SARMS? At what age should you consider using SARMS and what are the potential dangers of using SARMS at a young (or any) age? Take a moment to read this article and decide if you should attempt to research with SARMS, or if you are too young and should wait a little longer. How old to use SARMS, and what are the potential dangers?

What are SARMS? Sarms (short for “selective androgen receptor modulator”) are cutting edge products that some researchers think will replace steroids at some time in the future. They target only the muscle and allow for increased muscle growth and reduced fat mass, however do not give you the same possibly severe side effects of anabolic steroids.

Sarms are not legal to purchase and use on humans. If you choose to research SARMS, consult a medical professional to aid you with your research.

The Young and Their Hormones

Internet phenom “Zyzz” did a lot of different anabolic drugs

According to the website, males will finish puberty between 18-22 years old. This is a prime period for a male in terms of testosterone production and growth hormone. It is important to note that this is also when many young men also want to get as big, muscular and strong as they can. The race to be bigger and better is a factor in dating, sports, and even just everyday society.

It is not surprising then that many men and older teenagers want to find an edge that will get them to their goals faster. They have grown up their entire lives with the internet, and they are constantly shown images of the perfect muscular and fat free physique.

They want this too, and they will consider anything to get there faster.

Why Men Need to Consider Their Hormones and Sarms

Although it is tempting to try and speed up the process of muscle growth when young, men need to remember that simply jumping into performance enhancing drugs (be it SARMS or steroids) can disrupt the body and it’s endocrine (hormonal) system while it is still developing. The HPTA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis) is responsible for the production of all a man’s reproductive hormones and his reproductive system. SARMS will lower your testosterone slightly, but it will return in a healthy person on it’s own to its natural levels, you may not have such luck if you use prohormones or steroids (read on for more).

If you disrupt the HPTA while it is still growing for no reason, you endanger its development. A strong and healthy endocrine system is what you will rely on for your entire life to feel energetic, vibrant, and help you to:

  • Regulate body fat levels
  • Help you grow and maintain muscle tissue
  • Help you to be able to reproduce and have children
  • Maintain a strong psyche and sense of well being

Any damage to the HPTA, even if temporary may lead to problems that could in some rare situations, be irreversible without a lifelong regimen of supplemental hormone treatments.\

KEY POINT – All SARMS will suppress or lower your testosterone a little bit, but a healthy male will have his testosterone levels return on their own, over time. The main dangers of SARMS for young people lie in the details discussed below.

Why Teenage Males (Probably) do not Need SARMS

As we are born we are given male and female hormones. Everyone, either male or female has a mix of these up until a point in their lives when they hit puberty. At this point, puberty sets in and men and women are given intense surges of testosterone and estrogen (respectively).

If you were to draw blood from an 18 year old male and the same person at the ave of 36, they would have dramatically different blood testosterone levels. Young males by default have a LOT of testosterone. This is the number one thing that helps men grow muscle and get big, so the question should be asked whether or not someone at a young age even needs to use any PED’s at all in order to achieve their goals.

If you think you have low testosterone, and have used all the other avenues like cleaning your diet and lifestyle up in order to try and hit fitness goals and have great energy levels, then get a blood test done with your doctor.

There are people who are young and have low testosterone, but the chance are that you have a great hormone profile at that age to start with.

SARMS Do Not Suppress the HPTA, What’s the Danger?

The obvious argument that sharp and clever readers will point out is that at the beginning of this article I point out that unlike anabolic steroids, SARMS do not cause changes to the actual hormones (aside from small temporary dips in testosterone levels). This means that even teenage users should not worry about the effects of SARMS, right?

While this is actually true, users of SARMS are often not familiar with the industry that surrounds SARMS, and the official status of SARMS as a real dietary supplement.

The Real Danger of SARMS

Over the past decade, SARMS have been researched safely by hundreds of thousands, if not by millions of people.

The overwhelmingly positive reputation they seem to have online is shadowed but a few less than glamorous pieces of information.

SARMS are NOT Regulated

First of all, SARMS are not regulated. They are being researched by major pharmaceutical companies like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, but they are not technically ready for market yet.  There are currently no government regulations anywhere for the products. Additionaly, the industry that surrounds SARMS and other research chemicals will not tell you as much aside from a short disclaimer at the start of most articles covering SARMS.

SARMS Come From Sometimes STRANGE Places

Most SARMS come from China. There are underground and unregulated labs that sell the raw materials for SARMS, and offer little in the way of standards for a laboratory setup.

If you close your eyes and picture a lab making SARMS, you often picture white lab coats and a cleaner than your kitchen laboratory, however this is never guaranteed with purchasing SARMS.

SARMS are Easily Spiked With Prohormones or Worse

The biggest concern facing teenagers who want to try SARMS is the fact that due to above points, and the overall high cost of a quality SARM powder, unscrupulous and dishonest sellers of SARMS may be spiking their products with either prohormones or even oral anabolic steroids.

WHY would they do this? The answer always (like many things in business) comes down to profit and money making opportunities.

Cheaper prohormones which have been out on the marker for decades, or even oral anabolic steroids (some of which have been on the market for almost fifty years) are cheap to manufacture. They will often give the same expected results of a pure and QUALITY SARM, with added and unwanted side effects we will discuss below.

SARMS Will Not Hurt a Young Hormone System, Tainted SARMS May

SARMS on their own will not pose very much of a risk to a healthy individual, therefore what is the big deal for a healthy young person to start using them in their research? The main problem occurs when a young person with a developing hormone system purchases SARMS which are tainted or contain prohormones or anabolic steroids. This happens more than you may think, and when it does, (see an example that actually went to court HERE) the side effects of a prohormone or anabolic steroid can manifest.

These side effects can be annoying, or can can have bigger and longer lasting effects on the user, the main possible side effect and worst case scenario being shutdown of the HPTA.

If a SARM is tainted with something like a prohormone or anabolic steroid, users may experience:

  • Hair loss
  • Increased acne
  • Mood swings (including depression or increased aggression)
  • Loss of libido
  • Development of gynocomastia (aka “bitch tits” or man boobs)
  • Damage or excessive stress on kidney and liver

The HPTA, Shutdown and Hormonal Imbalances

If a fully grown adult uses SARMS and happens to get something tainted with an anabolic steroid, they will experience some, all or none of the above but may also experience what is known in the performance enhancing drug world as “shutdown.”

Shutdown happens when anabolic drugs which work differently than SARMS work on increasing testosterone as well as estrogen and override your bodies own ability to keep the system producing testosterone running. To put it very simply, your body is given fake testosterone. It stops making it’s own, and after you stop using the fake stuff, your body cannot reboot the system, and you are “shut down” and no longer making your own hormones. Welcome to what it feels like to be a woman.

Imagine the concept of being a nineteen or twenty year old who is in the best most healthy hormonal state of his life and having your body stop making it’s own testosterone because you wanted to “bulk up and cut down” quickly for summer beach season.

These are the risks that you run if you are an ADULT using SARMS, and young people get to face the concept of their hormones possibly being irreversibly damaged due to the system not being 100% mature at the time of such a shutdown possibly taking place.

How to “Safely” research SARMS (if you Choose to use SARMS)

This article is not made to scare people away from the idea of researching with SARMS, but only to educate you on the risks you take if you do go this route. That being said, there are indeed thousands, if not millions of people who have researched and have had great results with SARMS.

There will always be bad, tainted or flat out poisoned products on the market, and this is as true for the mainstream GNC store shelves as it is for the underground research labs who produce SARMS and research chemicals.

Even GNC has sold tainted supplements. (click the image to read the article)

How can we then ensure that we are researching with the actual SARM that we want, and not something that will risk our health? What precautions can be taken in order to ensure that we do not find ourselves sick for no good reason other than lining someone’s pockets?

Research SARMS ONLY if You are an Advanced Trainee

This means that you are not using SARMS to simply “get ripped” but are using them because you are at the point where you cannot seem to get the bar to move any more weight, or you just cannot break through a plateau in your body weight.

You should have several years of training experience and understand your body well enough to know what happens when you push yourself to a limit without SARMS.

Without this experience, you will not know your limits, and will have little perspective to understand if you are experiencing an effect of the research you are conducting, or your training and diet.

Speaking of diet.

Research SARMS ONLY if You Have a Proper Diet Plan

Diet is always going to be the vast majority of results when it comes to gaining muscle or strength or losing fat. If you begin researching SARMS, a proper diet is absolutely imperative. Without this, your efforts will be wasted with either little muscle gain, or huge amounts of fat gain.

Purchase SARMS ONLY From Reputable Sources

There are resources that can guide you to the best places to purchase research chemicals and SARMS, and you should take advantage of them and do your own research and read up on suppliers before you even consider any research at all.

This will be the determining factor between getting a pure product for research and a possibly tainted one, and can be key in your own health down the line.

Learn to Separate Marketing and Sales from the TRUTH

I will do an article on lies in the fitness and supplement industry at a later date, but the SARMS and research chemical industry is one of the most dishonest I have ever had the misfortune to follow. In my opinion (which I am entitled to), two of the LARGEST companies in the industry, iSarms and SarmsX are some of the least honest companies I have ever watched operate.

They provide information and message forums, however their posts always recommend “stacks” (multiple SARMS to be used at the same time) which cost the end user hundreds of dollars a month, without ever talking about the status of the person asking about SARMS (training experience, age etc). Another site operates in tandem with them as far as I can tell through a website called

These sites constantly deride their competition and use scare tactics to tell their forum members that everyone else on the internet is selling fake products, and that they should use only their companies products.

They top this off by pushing products that will do nothing to fix hormone imbalances for users experiencing low testosterone symptoms, basically botanical products proven not to work.

This is only one such example of where you will find marketing and sales pushing and hustling unknowing people online. It is a shame.

Use Reddit for Your Questions

Use reddit for your questions related to SARMS. There are two “subreddit’s” (subject specific message forums) dedicated to SARMS and their suppliers. – Although you will find discussion about other performance enhancing drugs here, this has become the go to place for SARMS on reddit, with a strong user community and unbiased information. – A place to read reviews on SARM suppliers and ask questions and learn about companies selling SARMS so that you can avoid getting tainted SARMS.


In short, the answer to this is that you should always be an adult, and fully grown if you decide to research with SARMS. Doing research with a SARM as a still growing teenager or young adult in their early twenties can put you at risk of potential problems should you be unfortunate enough to get a tainted or spiked SARM that shuts your system down.

In an adult, shutdown can be dealt with easier than in someone who is still growing, so proceed with caution if you do decide to research on your own.

SARMS are researched by people very day, and although there are many positive user feedback experiences to read, there are also some potential horror stories that need to be taken into light when you decide if this is for you as a young adult or teenager.

Do not research SARMS if you are not an advanced lifter, as they are not a magic liquid or pill that will help you shortcut your way to your goals.

Do remember that these research chemicals are not for human use, and can have consequences after being used for research.

If you have questions, comments or feedback, please use the comment section below.

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