Does mk-677 Raise Blood Sugar or Glucose and Raise Diabetes Risk?

Does mk-677 Raise Blood Sugar or Glucose and Raise Diabetes Risk?

This article will answer the following question, does mk-677 Raise Blood Sugar or Glucose and Raise Diabetes Risk? This is a very good question, because it is often overlooked when people talk about the side effects of mk-677 and human growth hormone secretagogue’s

What is mk-677

Mk-677 also known as ibutamoren is a research chemical that is not yet approved for human use. Because of this, during this article we will not be recommending you take mk-677 and recommend you only use it on research animals or laboratory specimens

Mk-677 is not a SARM (selective Androgen receptor modulator). Sarms are drugs that affect your body in a similar fashion to anabolic steroids but with very few side effects compared to actual steroidal drugs.

What does MK 677 Do?

Unlike an injection of human growth hormone from a needle, MK 677 forces your body to secrete human growth hormone on its own. This means that for fully grown adults who wish to reap the benefits of injectable human growth hormone which costs thousands of dollars a month to get and needs to be injected with a needle, you can force the body to release more HGH in a 24-hour period Then through diet and exercise alone.

We spoke about human growth hormone or HGH and our intermittent fasting 101 article, but put bluntly and shortly human growth hormone is considered by many celebrities, athletes and very wealthy people to be a modern day Fountain of Youth.

Users of HGH have better-looking skin, nicer hair, a harder time putting on fat at a better user experience gaining and maintaining their muscle. They also have deeper sleep and more vivid dreams. If this sounds like what most people go through during their teenage years, it’s because teenagers naturally produce large amounts of human growth hormone, which is why they will go through growth spurts as they are called until they are in their early twenties in some cases.

In short, HGH supplementation whether it be from an injectable HGH drug or mk-677 tricking the body into creating more of its own growth hormone is literally like a fountain of youth for a to Zehrs.

Mk-677  creates more HGH by causing the pituitary gland to release of human growth hormone throughout the day after it’s been dosed.

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How old should you be to start researching with SARMS and research chemicals?

Well Known Side Effects of MK 677

Although MK 677 has many different positive effects in the body, users will experience different side effects, and could experience all, some or none of the following side effects.

Users will feel hungry throughout the day, may have Growing Pains in their ankles or wrists, and may retain water while using it. Researchers may also experience an increase in hunger that can come in pulses throughout 24 hours following the dosing of MK 677. These side effects (such as hunger) may subside after some time using MK 677, may go away altogether after prolonged used, and will stop altogether after MK 677 has stopped being dosed.

Perhaps not coincidentally, many of these side effects are the same that pre-pubescent and teenager going through puberty will experience, as their bodies create more HGH naturally, and they experience growth spurts and naturally occurring weight gain associated with puberty.

Does mk-677 Raise Blood Sugar or Glucose (Less Known Side Effects)

As someone who is nearing his 40th birthday, I take every opportunity to run my own blood work to check out my testosterone levels. This in turn checks out my metabolic panel which includes fasting blood glucose.

I personally noticed during my last two blood tests that my fasting blood glucose levels were above 100. For those unfamiliar, fasting blood glucose levels should always be below 100 and anything between 101-119 can indicate pre-diabetes (the first stages of developing full type 2 diabetes).

I did not think anything of my first blood test. I am a night time eater and have a habit of snacking on sweets. My glucose level was 103, and I thought it could simply be a late night snack.

It was not until my last blood test, and a glucose reading of 110 after being actually fasted with no midnight snacking that I started to become concerned. I checked the next day after being fasted for 13 hours and got another reading over 110.

MK 677 and HGH Injections Effects Blood Glucose

Before starting back on a ketogetic diet and making an appointment with a doctor, I ran every supplement and research chemical that I was using through google with the words “blood glucose” afterwards. I needed to know, does mk-677 raise blood sugar or glucose, and is it permanent?

When I got to the phrase “HGH Blood Glucose” I was elated, and a little surprised to see the following search results (click the image to get to the same google search results page)

HGH mk677 and blood sugar blood glucose search results Does mk-677 Raise Blood Sugar or Glucose

HGH and Blood Glucose Results (click for this google search page)

From here, I was able to refine my search and find out that HGH users often dose insulin afterwards. This is because HGH injections can cause the body to have a hard time clearing blood glucose.

From search results, we find that HGH can impair the body from being able to properly process glucose. This can mean that you are not able to clear blood glucose and could in time develop into a diabetic type situation.

This study  also asked does mk-677 raise blood sugar or glucose, and it found that contrary to what some researching with MK 677 think, blood sugar does rise slightly in subjects using it.

It would be smart to watch your simple sugar intake using MK 677, and understand that if you are genetically prone to develop Type 2 diabetes, you may want to consider using a blood glucose monitor to watch your own glucose levels, or consider staying away from MK 677 altogether for those who want to be entirely certain about their future health.

All Hope is NOT Lost

It is important to note that MK 677 is a long term research chemical. Those considering using it to experiment on a specimen should be prepared to use it for months at a time, however many people use it for only 4-8 weeks and then drop the substance altogether.

The long term effects do appear to be safe (see study here) and the substance may at some point in the future become an actual FDA approved solution to those with muscle wasting diseases or other growth hormone related issues.

Should You Research with MK 677

You are as always, responsible for what you choose to research. Ask about your own family history, consider using a DNA genetics test which can tell you your likelihood of developing diabetes and other ailments in the future, such a test can be found here

If you have questions or feedback please leave them in the comments below. Have you researched MK 677? Does mk-677 raise blood sugar or glucose? Remember to always be great at whatever you choose to do, because who knows when you will get a chance to do it again.


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