Big Beyond Belief, Jerry Ward and some Bodybuilding History for You

The year is 1994, everyone is over training, there is no internet but there are bodybuilding magazines. 

In one such magazine, a small thin (by today’s book standards) manual called Big Beyond Belief was sold to people who were interested in gaining muscle at the fastest rate possible.

Although the book itself in paper form only exists in highly coveted original spiral bound copies (for sometimes hyper inflated prices), the digital version is still available and floats in the ones and zeros that make up the internet.

Steroid like muscle gains. The fastest you’ll ever see using the superior and secret Bulgarian training secrets… 

The hype was huge, but was it for real?

It’s still for sale on the original website, but the program was brought to my attention by Jerry Ward with Bios3training several years ago.

Check out his channel here, and check out my video below that goes further into the history and story of what has been said to be one of the best (or worst)  training systems of all time.

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