How to Accurately Dose Liquid SARMS

So you ordered SARMS and are ready to start your research. You get the product and open it up, only to find… A medicine dropper? “What am I supposed to do with this?” You ask yourself, as you unscrew the cap from the bottle, feeling like some sort of mad scientist or legitimate research technician in a lab.

“The dose says 25 mg, but I only need half that. Maybe I should of looked for a pill version after all…”

The Easy Way to Dose Liquid SARMS

First of all, don’t worry and don’t question your intelligence. Many people have the same question  and often times the company selling the SARMS is of no help at all.

This is simply because SARMS are not and CANNOT be labeled for human use. Any implication that you should take a specific amount of a SARM or research chemical can leave a company providing you with a research item in big liability problems.

Thankfully, this blog assumes that you are using these for research and by reading on past the following you are responsible for your own actions.

FDA DISCLAIMER AND COMPLIANCE – SARMS are not for human consumption and are not bodybuilding or fitness “supplements.” SARMS have not been studied or approved by the FDA and using them on yourself can pose unseen risks. Always use SARMS for laboratory research only.

How to Measure Liquid SARMS

Liquid sarms are a simple math calculation away for exact dosing, but even with simple math, it can be hard to get an exact amount of SARMS dose each time.

To Start, look at the bottle

Your liquid SARMs are and should be labeled with a mg (milligrams) per ml (milliliter) number. Take note of this amount, check the picture for Ostarine (MK-2866) by for an idea of what your per ml dosage looks like..

Next, Remember the Magic 1 ml measurement

The syringe you have in your hand is designed to hold one milliliter of liquid, and as long as your SARMS supplier isn’t crooked and either shorting your dose or lacing your sarms with anabolic steroids or prohormones, you should be able to safely assume that the mg (milligrams) listed will be in one ml of liquid.

Last, do simple division

If your SARMS reads “30 mg per ml,” and you’d like to have 15 mg of A SARM, you can simply divide the dropper (properly named pipette in some instances) by TWO.

If you needed 10 mg, you’d use one third of a dropper and thereby divide 30 mg by 3.

IMPORTANT note on “exact” dosing

Because there are people who are anal retentive and obsessive out there, I need to add not to be too concerned with the dose, and that if you’re off by a few ml you aren’t going to see much less (or any) different effects.

More won’t send you into “shutdown” (which doesn’t happen with pure tested sarms like and less won’t render the SARM inert and non functional.

Do your best to get the right dose, as close as you can.

Where to Find Quality Research Sarms in Liquid Form

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There are a lot of different companies offering SARMS on the internet, and it can be confusing to know who to trust. I recommend that you do your own research and if you do check out the PEDs section of Reddit and SarmSourceTalk , you will find that has amazing reviews. They test for purity so you are assured to get a great product and experience.

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Bonus Video – How to Control SARMS Doses

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