About This Fitness Site

ANOTHER Fitness site? Why Should You care? Oh, but you should!

Why This Site Exists

My Name is Joseph, and for a really really long time, I was like so many people. I was overweight, and because I was raised on what has become a standardized North American / Western culture diet of video games, fast food and laziness I eventually found myself starting to feel the effects of this weight on my overall health.

I had strict parents. They meant well and kept us kids away from soda (called "pop" where I am from in Canada), and kept fast food as a treat vs a regular meal that was eaten all the time.

However upon leaving home, I lacked the structure that my parents kept for me, and found myself suddenly on a wild ride of eating McDonald's every day, and drinking 7-11 Slurpee drinks several times a week, even in the cold cold Canadian winters.

I justified this. I was walking everywhere, and in the summer I would ride my bike, but slowly and surely I started to suffer the consequences of eating  Filet-O-Fish Sandwiches with double tartar sauce, Supersized fries (they still had Supersizing back then), and of course "diet" Coke to drink.

Long Story, Short as Can be (for now)

Long story short (and trust me it is a very long story that you can read more about on the site), I managed to get myself into such a poor state of health that one day walking up a slight hill I became winded and started to have an asthma attack.

I successfully diet it off about 20 lb that fall and into the NewYear, and I remember moving to the United States being the leanest I've ever been at a small, un-muscular and even unhealthy looking 162 lbs.

The Yo-Yo Starts

Of course I then gained all of the way back and then some, due to a complete lack of proper understanding of nutrition and health.

After all, everyone you know will always tell you that it is just water weight, and that you will always gain it back, right? Your friends give you such good advice, don't they?

After several zigzag diets and repeated periods of losing weight and gaining it back I finally found myself faced with the fact that either had a terminal disease, or at my absolute biggest weight of over 210 lb on my small 5ft 9in frame I was so unhealthy that I only thought I was dying of a terrible illness.

How bad was it? Imagine not making it through the day without needing a nap, or being unable to go more than two hours without some horrible type of take out food? Mood swings, insomnia, and the inability to wake up in the morning. Everything was happening to me all at the same time.

The "Ah Ha" Moment

A funny thing happens when you think you might be really sick. You get to a place that life coach Tony Robbins calls "threshold."

This is the scary place where you have to step through the doorway and make a decision you were unable to make before, because things are just too important to not make the changes.

Faced with this health issue, with no medical insurance and a commission only based sales job that I was quite frankly terrible at, I managed to discover low-carbohydrate ketogenic dieting.

That spring, after losing 50 lbs I've discovered intermittent fasting and my life was changed forever.

Leaning some TERRIBLE Truths

I also learned along the way that the diet and fitness industry is crooked. That bodybuilding and fitness magazines are there to sell you fitness products like workout DVD's, supplements and exercise equipment more than they are to give you good and useful information, and that if it were up to the powers-that-be, the billion dollar players in a billion dollar industry, you would have a pill, powder, shake or new gadget for everything that you do while you're trying to get fit.

So Here we are Now

This site is focused largely on intermittent fasting, which is in my opinion the absolute best way to lose bodyfat and increase your health markers to create a better version of YOU.

It's my mission to show people that you don't need to overextend, exhause and make yourself hate a diet. You can take your time and lose weight as slowly as you need to, or go full throttle and lose fat as FAST as you'd like

The important keys are to keep up a great quality of life and feel great at the same time.

Fat loss and intermittent fasting go hand-in-hand for me and they've helped me achieve a sustainable lifestyle have kept the weight off for over 7 years and will last me a lifetime.

I hope to help you do the same and help you achieve your fitness goals. Thanks for reading the site, and I'm glad you came.

Your friend,


Las Vegas, NV